Back in the 303

I have had a ridiculous last month of my life- a common theme for those of you who’ve been around long enough to read about my life’s shenanigans.

I am back in Denver. I bought a one-way ticket and came back with no apartment, job, or any real clue as to what I am doing. I landed in Denver late at night on Wednesday and smiled because I was back; dry air, the heat, and snuggled in the wonder of Mountain Standard Time I was happier. One missed shuttle bus later I was on my way to a friend’s house to crash for (what I hope will be) a few days while I figured a few things out.

*Here’s a shout out to all those friends who give up their couches, their beds, their privacy, their closets and room corners for people like me. Without you, I’d be in a pay-by-the-hour motel or under a bridge in a box or something. Seriously- you’re awesome.*

I had an interview at my second favorite coffee shop the next morning- and I got it! I started and have pretty decent hours to work which is great. It is a wonderful environment (aka, I’m constantly caffeinated and being paid for it) and my coworkers are hard working and cool. Walking around in the 96 degree Denver heat was tiring and sweaty, but I dug myself back into this and now I gotta deal with it!

The rest of my evening was spent with my friend’s roommates, who are hysterically funny to be around. The roommates are all boys (and, let’s face it, despite a few valiant efforts nothing remains clean for long) and there are constantly friends and random people coming in and out. I love the energy and the fact that something is always happening, but it does get overwhelming. To put it plainly, there is a lot of drinking, smoking pot, yelling and/or loud music playing at any given time. One of the guys is also a tattoo artist so there may be a freestyle tattooing session happening in the living room (it totally happened- that story not for the faint of heart and to be continued soon).

Tata for now!


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