Let’s start at the beginning.

And the post grad life begins.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my latest life adventures immortalized on the interwebs forever!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, folks- this shit’s real life.

This blog will be a bit different than my last one. I will retain my habit of slight exaggeration in a quest to make you laugh, dear reader, while keeping true to the characters and events that occur to me with as much perspective as I can muster. There will be, if I do them justice, stories in this blog that will make you feel uncomfortable, happy, sad, frustrated, confused, joyful, and a myriad of other emotions- I cannot apologize for the stories I will tell as they are unabashedly real. There will be swearing, there might be tears, but there will be an underlying current of optimism that everything (despite evidence to the contrary) will be ok.

College is over. Jobs, graduate school, internships, relationships, new friendships loom. The next year of my life is uncertain and it is scary; but what better chance do I have to write my own story in all of its random glory than right now?

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