Bus Stop Blues

While still at the ghetto house I took two buses to get to work in the morning. It wasn’t a bad commute at all (albeit early on some mornings) but it certainly got interesting around the bus stop by the house. One morning there were 5 cop cars parked around an immobile body in the middle of the sidewalk, another morning a woman (of who’s choice of career I can only fairly confidently assume) was airing her, um, hoohah out on the bus bench.


But only slightly less classy was the drug deal that went down involving a big, black SUV and a taco truck. Then again, that one could’ve just been for an early morning taco craving. Or cocaine.

My favorite part of my commute was a cute little cafe I stopped at to get my morning coffee (it was an hour long commute). Yes, I know that stopping for coffee on the way to work at a coffee shop is a bit batty, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I have a very hard time waking up in the morning…

My boss made fun of me for bringing coffee to work but she laughed. I have a serious caffeine problem!


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