Hike the day away

Part of the reasons I love being back in Colorado is that I have a clearer understanding of the things I want to accomplish, whether I’m here for 3 months or 9- one of them is hiking!

I’ve only hiked one 14er (a mountain over 14,000 feet) in my previous 3 years in Colorado and that needs to change. I haven’t been able to get back into a running routine or a real exercise regime lately so the thought of hiking has been my escape. Getting out of the city (although I love it) and into the mountains frees me up in so many ways. Being in nature just makes me happy and reaching a point of exhaustion is a learning experience mentally and physically.

Climbing mountains is hard! The air is thin, the trails are steep, and the blood pounds in your ears as you breathlessly ascend to the heights. Water breaks are many and I will admit that I take lots of pictures so I can take more breathers! There is a camaraderie with fellow hikers on the trail and laughter is shared despite the altitude. Snacks are relished and the views are always (always) extraordinary.

So, my friend John Lennon (he bears a striking resemblance, what can I say) and I have been hiking the last couple weeks and have been very successful! Last week we climbed Grays and Torres and we did Mt. Bierstadt today. Grays and Torres was steep but we made good time and narrowly missed a hailstorm on the way down! Hooray for leaving early (I’m not a happy camper in the morning, if you haven’t noticed) and summiting early. Bierstadt was much easier. Enough talk- pictures!

View from Bierstadt

View from Bierstadt

A wonky cloud over the Rockies!

A wonky cloud over the Rockies!


Dodged this storm cloud over Torres on our way down Grays...

Dodged this storm cloud over Torres on our way down Grays…

View from Grays

View from Grays


THIS. This is wonderful.

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