Well. Can’t unsee that.

My roommate graciously lent me her car to get to work today as it was desperately stormy outside. The driver’s side window doesn’t roll up but it’s better than nothing! The thunder was rolling and the lightning was flashing and traffic was terrible… and I soon found out why.

A larger woman was running. Buck naked. Down the middle of the road. In the rain. Middle of traffic.

I can’t unsee that shit, y’all.

I mean, really?! I understand not wanting to wear pants, but wow. Needless to say many police cars quickly converged on the scene as well as an ambulance. I’m going to go ahead and assume that there were lots and lots of drugs involved.

In better news, a coworker of mine from Jordan (who now lives in Idaho) is coming to visit me this weekend! Woo!

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