Check yes or no

Last week a friend of mine was telling a group of us how he and his wife used to write letters to each other while they were dating. Moral of the story- that shit works, y’all. Handwriting something makes it more personal, more special, and more unique to both the writer and receiver. My mom routinely writes me notes in funny cards, and I’ve had two penpals for about a decade now that I’ve gotten to meet in person. Basically, letters are awesome!

So, as I was riding the late bus home, tired and with my bus bitch face on (ipod in, book out, ‘don’t talk to me’ face rocking) another kid about my age gets on. He also had his bike and we exchanged a nod acknowledging our mutual commuting method. I went back to my book and he sat in a seat across the aisle from me.

He got off a few stops before me and, to my surprise, handed me a note as he left. I was shocked- who does that?! In short, the note complimented my hair and shoes and had his phone number on it.

Needless to say, anyone who has the balls to pass a cute note to a girl on a bus deserves a phone call!

We’re going out on Friday. This could be super weird or really fun!

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