A month of things to do

Today is November first. By now I thought I’d have a plane ticket to somewhere else in the world (as I told myself I’d figure out, oh, 15 days ago now) but instead I have a host of concerns, anxieties and insecurities stemming from a variety of things mostly in my own head.

November, however, may be the month to kick my brain back into gear with two odd little month-long goals. This month is both No Makeup November and National Novel Writer’s Month (NaNoWriMo for short) which don’t have anything to do with each other other than I happen to be attempting both.

No Makeup November started as a blog that my friend told me about. I’m less intrigued by their philosophy and more interested in not reaching for my mascara as soon as I roll out of bed in the morning, because I am inherently lazy and don’t really want to put in the effort anymore. I don’t wear much makeup usually anyways, but the idea of going a month without it will shift my perspective on how and why I wear it as well as how I see myself. I may look like death, but it’s ok. Maybe the natural dark bags under my eyes will prompt me to actually get some sleep every once in awhile.

National Novel Writer’s Month is a month in which people (as you can probably guess) channel their creativity into the novel they want to write. My boss is currently writing a book about her experience starting and owning the coffee shop, and I have had the outline and beginnings of my documentation of my year abroad written out for about 4 months now (I’ve stalled 8 pages in). The goal is to write at least 50,000 words in the month and to try and write everyday, which is what I will be attempting. Hopefully I will choose to write my book with that goal in mind, but I count this blog and other miscellaneous scribblings as well. It’s my month, I do what I want!

I say hopefully a lot. Hopefully I will get enough of this book down so that I can feel like it is possible to get it published. Hopefully I can see through the mascara and eyeliner to the beautiful person beneath, who really hasn’t felt all that beautiful this year. Hopefully my insecurities about my job, my future, my career goals, graduate school, my so-called love life, my family, and my friends will decrease as I put my mind towards accomplishing something that will hopefully be really good.

Here it goes, November.

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