Inspirational Shit and Life Changes

“Leap and the net will appear.” -John Burroughs

Every week at work a new quote, be it informational or inspirational, is written on a whiteboard above the front door. It is often a quote from a famous man and always serves to make me roll my eyes or make me think. This week the quote was the quote I’ve written above- “Leap and the net will appear.” I’d never heard of the author, John Burroughs, but the quote stuck with me.

I’ve been thinking rather hard recently about my future and the possibility of moving back abroad, now that financially that possibility is indeed possible. I’ve been anxious and stressed (moreso than usual) and rather indecisive about it all… the thought of leaving a perfectly decent situation with a consistent job, nice coworkers and now a very nice man in my life is terrifying. On the other hand, I’m not moving somewhere unknown; I have friends in Jordan and connections that will hopefully enable me to find a job and an apartment fairly quickly. I feel pulled between two wonderful scenarios, both in which happiness is not a given and uncertainty is everywhere.

My boss and I chatted; my original date of October 15th to decide what I’m doing with the next few months of my life flew by and before I know it, it’s today and we’re closer to Thanksgiving than anything else. We agreed that by the beginning of December I’d have my shit together enough to know what I’d be doing come January.

Not so long story short, I’ve bought a very cheap (considering) ticket back to Amman arriving 2 months and 4 days from now. Hopefully in the meantime I will be able to arrange an apartment and a potential job or two. If nothing else, I’ve lept- now I hope to whoever is up there watching over me that a net will appear.

Also, I’m dying all of my hair blue. Because when else am I going to be able to do that?

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