Gotta practice!

This evening we had my sister’s rehearsal dinner in my parent’s church. A bunch of my family showed up as did her fiancee’s family, so there was quite a few of us there eating and chatting and getting ready.

After dinner we lined up to run through the ceremony. I paired up with my groomsman and we stood at the front and did that a few times. The parents then practiced walking in the order they would be in the ceremony and I watched as my dad leaned over to ask the wedding coordinator (in all seriousness), “Who am I walking down the aisle?”

Tiffany, the wedding coordinator, paused and looked at my dad. He realized what he had said and began laughing as I and the others who had noticed my dad’s fumble began to giggle and tell the story to the group. My sister was appalled. He was rivaled by my sister’s future father-in-law who introduced himself as the bride’s ‘step-father.’ Wrong label, there, unless there’s something the family isn’t telling us…

It seems a few of us need to remember the who, what, where, when, and why of the wedding tomorrow.. but I’m sure it will all turn out well and there will be lots of laughs! 

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