Playing Sock Tetris

So, I started packing to go to Jordan. As many of you know I am not the best at moving and packing, despite my love of traveling the world (and the fact that I’ve moved locations approximately every 6 months or so since high school). This time, however, I’m almost done and no tears yet! Generally I have a roommate or friend in the vicinity to pull me off the floor, hand me a tissue and help me fit that last thing in my bag while I mope and cry and generally be a little hot mess, but this time I did it all by myself. Progress is being made, people!

It is amazing how quickly life can be reduced to a few boxes and suitcases. All the things we hold so dear are stowed (carefully or otherwise) and their true value weighed against the rest, all vying for space like a mini Fight Club for the stuff you accumulate during the year. Since I don’t plan on being back in America for awhile I’m taking things that remind me of home, some silly and some practical. I packed my pie tin and pie roller, kitchen mixing bowls and my map of the world shower curtain. I have to leave my delightful coffee maker although I know it’s going to a good home and it will be loved and used, as is my roller derby gear. 5 boxes of books are left in my parent’s new house awaiting the day when I am a lot more stable and can have a room devoted to all of them!

Packing is sad but it is good. I’m moving, creating a new life again. Jordan isn’t scary- it feels like another home to me. I will feel better when I am there and hopefully settled into a new apartment but I will do my best to greet my last shift at work with a smile, and say goodbye to a few more friends without having a breakdown.

At any rate, I know this isn’t forever and that I will be back. The world is crazy and the possibilities are endless.

Jordan minus 3 days!

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