Week 1

“…a bit of self-unawareness probably allows us to boldly go into the world.” -Breakfast with Socrates

It’s official- I’ve been back in Amman for week and everything is going well!

I made it here safely and without any travel mishaps. I got picked up at the airport by a good friend of mine and we caught up over a delicious falafel sandwich dinner! Driving through the streets of Amman was as familiar as Denver- the noise, the traffic, the honking, everything was exactly as I remembered.

I crashed with my friend Claire, whom I studied abroad with, for a couple days before moving into the small studio apartment next door. It has been so much fun catching up with her and her roommate, Hannah, whom I also studied with. Yay for friends in crazy places!

Jet lag popped me out of bed before the 5am call to prayer the first morning and I smiled as I lay in bed, listening to the beautiful reverberations roll across the Amman hills. I know it happens 5 times a day (sometimes more… I think the morning call goes off 3 times. Serves as a sort of religious alarm clock of sorts) but I haven’t tired of hearing it. Jet lag then dragged me back down for most of the day and has continued to be a big of a nag but I’m adjusting to the time change slowly but surely.

In the last week I’ve seen a couple of my friends and very much enjoyed that. I moved into my tiny studio apartment (NO ROOMMATES!!!), made the short trek to the grocery store, cleaned up and down (it came furnished, not necessarily clean), and put up my pictures and things that make me feel at home. My apartment has three big windows which I love for the sunshine and hate for the cold they let in! But, hey- those who live in stone houses are going to always be cold. My neighbors also get a great look into my little fishbowl. Maybe they’ll appreciate my creepy teddy bear carpet more than I can (whoever designed this place was… interesting?). And the fact that my bathroom sink doubles as… my kitchen sink, too! Huzzah.

Job-wise, I’ve put in my resume to a local teaching organization and might have a couple classes to teach once their current sessions are over. I’ve also still been freelance writing and have found some success with that! I’ve got a couple contracts and consistent work which has kept me busy. I also have a job interview tomorrow which I am very excited and hopeful for. Wish me luck!

Life here seems so familiar (I mean, it is), yet I have been finding myself nervous and anxious to go out and actually do things. My Arabic is rusty, certainly, but I know it will get better; so far the people I’ve interacted with have been incredibly helpful and pleasant, just as I remembered. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve done this before- there is absolutely nothing to be scared of! I managed to remember the bus routes (with Claire’s help- she’s an Amman public transportation pro) and have been able to explore this great city a bit again.

This next week will be spent continuing to write (I’ve taken to hiding in cafes nearby since they generally tend to be warmer than my house- on the other hand, I’m getting really good at typing in gloves and wrapped in a sleeping bag while drinking tea!), hopefully hearing back from this job interview, continuing to settle in and visiting more friends. And eating all the delicious food!

I wrote part of this post while siting in a cafe with Claire last night, drinking tea (yup, more) and smoking hookah (known as arguileh here). I mentioned to her that I would laugh the first time I ran into someone I knew (from work, school, etc) on the street at random because Amman is like a big small town- it happens a lot. Within 10 seconds our waiter had come up to Claire and asked her, ‘Did you used to work with Cosmo?’ [side note: Cosmo was the nickname of an old coworker of ours here in Jordan]. She nodded yes and we both cracked up- Amman is a small place, and there is no anonymity!

That’s all for now- I’ll make sure to find time to write down my adventures as they occur and to keep all y’all lovely people posted on what’s happening in the good old Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


The University mosque nearby my house


The tiny view from my window


Hannah and Claire and all the delicious food!


2 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Hannah and Claire! Say hi for me! Follow, follow . . . Where’s the ‘follow’ button? How do I get notifications when you post? Oh there it is, a tiny little button hiding in the corner. They need to fix that. Anyway. I’m jealous. Have fun and eat lots of falafel for me 🙂

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