Week 2

I know there are things piling up in my head that I want to write… I’ll try and knock a few of them out while I have internet, peace and (free) American coffee. Paradise!

I am sitting in the American Center for Oriental Research (aka ACOR) which is a couple kilometers away (metric system!) from my house. This place is a haven for researchers and other important people with the added benefit of being open to the public between the hours of 8am and 4pm. They have internet, free hot water and coffee, and different areas of the building where you can set up your work station and enjoy the quiet this building on the hill provides. Since I don’t have internet in my apartment I’ll probably be here a lot to blog, do research, look for jobs and generally attempt to get things done (but… the internet!).

This week has been pretty calm- I had a job interview for a marketing agency last week that went well and should be getting a ‘test assignment’ today or tomorrow to see if they want to hire me. I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it’s hard! Now it is simply up to my writing skills… my work will either pass or fail. Terrifying.

It rained a bit yesterday as I was walking home which annoyed me at first- what happened to the beautiful 15 degree (Celsius- approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit) weather we were having?! I couldn’t be unhappy for long as the rain washed away the smells of cigarettes, diesel and dust that permeate the Amman air. Later that night it rained hard again and you could hear the sounds of the cars slipping and sliding along the busy street below my apartment. All the oil that builds up on the road coupled with peoples’ terrible tires and with a slight sprinkle you get some bumper car action going really fast!

People here have been reaffirming my love of Jordan- from the falafel stand guy who gave Claire, Hannah and I extra fresh falafel to share, to the taxi driver who called a friend to figure out exactly where I needed to go for my job interview, to the men who turned around and apologized to Claire and I for the behavior of the bus driver who drove slowly behind us honking to get our attention (unwarranted), people have continued to be amazing. Of course, there are always the niswanjees (the Arabic word for ‘womanizer’) who honk, catcall, and generally disrupt your peace of mind. If it’s a young, bored guy I kind of understand (not condone, but understand) but when a middle aged man with much better things to be doing does 2 u-turns in order to honk and stare? No thanks. I’d like to tell you I handled that experience with calm and grace but 1) you know me better than that, 2) I hadn’t had my coffee yet and my patience was thin, and 3) my middle finger has a mind of its own. Sorry not sorry?

I did miss getting to watch the Superbowl yesterday (sorry, Broncos, but yay Seahawks!) but am sure that I can drown my sorrows (ahem) in some delicious hummus. Also, eventually I will come up with better titles for these posts other than ‘week 1 and week 2’ but until my stories start catching up with the absurdities in my head that’s what we’re stuck with.

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