Drinking Alone with You

It’s warming up!! Although I am still in my gloves typing in my apartment (my usual research center haunt is closed on Fridays) it is a beautifully warm day outside and I’m excited about that! It was almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday/ 17 degrees Celsius. Fridays are my favorite day because there is a distinctly fewer amount of people driving around so things are a bit more quiet and peaceful.

I’m also excited this week because I have finally been able to purchase a phone (long story, the moral of which is Verizon sucks) and got cooking gas for my apartment so I can cook ALL the things! I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with Claire and Hannah to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day (Valentine’s Day to those of you who are romantically inclined) and it was delicious. Hannah made banana Nutella crepes for dessert (So. Much. Yum.) and Claire and I drank an off brand lemon vodka (who knows) which certainly influenced our perspectives on this auspicious day of celebrating love.

It is my opinion that, although I would love to have a Valentine (after 23 years of, well, not having one) I have no problem spending any evening chatting and cooking and laughing with my girlfriends. Love doesn’t fit into a day (or a box, or even a definition) so why stress out about it? I’ll buy myself my own damn flowers once I can afford to!

On Thursday I had another interview/kind of not with the company I hope to freelance write for here, which ended up being me and my potential boss (who is British but has lived in Jordan for a good long time) chatting for two hours about the Middle East and life in general and not getting anything else done! Despite being approximately 30 years apart in age we had many things in common and certainly lots to talk about; plus, we live very close to each other so are practically neighbors. I enjoyed that social interaction and still have hope for a potential job, but this is Jordan so things aren’t moving as quickly as I or my finances wish they would.

The perils of cooking in my apartment are that things rapidly fill up with smoke, so as I upload this post today my apartment still smells of grilled cheese! I’m not complaining at all- it smells fantastic. I was awoken at about 4:30am this morning by rain pouring out of the sky, evidence of which was still visible today in many muddy puddles and slippery streets. Things smelled fresh and clean as they do after rain and a few gray, ominous clouds still hang over the city today.

My next post, once I tweak it a bit, will be about the successful trip I took to the Emirati Jordanian Camp for Syrian refugees on Tuesday.

Tut tut, looks like rain.

Tut tut, looks like rain!

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