Words words words

This is my last week of waking up when I want to, taking 3pm naps if I so desire, and having this be my office:

Bye bye, beautiful balcony office!

Bye bye, beautiful balcony office!

But the reason is good! I have accepted a full time job as a staff writer with a local marketing company- I start on Sunday. Three cheers for a job I’d never land in the States! And for a consistent paycheck- I’m pretty stoked about that, too.

I’m not sure how well my first paid foray into the office world between 9-5 is going to go, but if I’m writing I think I can handle it for now. I’ve just finished a few freelance projects, a personal essay for a graduate school application, and revising what will hopefully end up being a published article on the Syrian refugee camp I went to last week and I must say that my eyes are starting to cross…

So this’ll be a short one! I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day, cook some lunch, and read a book in the sunshine if I can find a shady, peaceful place in which to do so.

Or I’ll go home and take a nap. It’s almost 3, after all!

P.S. Check out the blog http://www.storiesofconflictandlove.com. Not only is this woman incredibly smart and awesome but she has some absolutely incredible experiences to share from her life lived around the world. That and I think she’s my ex-pat soul mate. Happy reading!

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