It’s time to pick the places you do not walk away from.

Happy March 1st, everyone! Another month has flown by and I can’t believe I’ve already been here for 5 weeks. I’ve paid rent on my tiny little apartment for another month and am enjoying the slow but sure warming of the weather. I’m considering getting a plant or two to spruce up my desk and/or apartment. Probably a cactus.

I’ve also just finished my first week at my new job- hooray! I am enjoying working there; my boss is great and my coworkers are young, funny and inclusive of the crazy American girl sitting at the desk in the corner. There are only 4 of us currently and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over lunches and happy hour (oh yeah)! The company is headquartered in Dubai and we had the CEO and another colleague in to do orientation, training, and getting us started on projects this week which was very helpful. I’m going to be busy writing and I love that! In addition to my freelance jobs I am certainly going to spend too much time on the computer but, I am gainfully employed and ever so grateful for a job that I enjoy and that will look good on my resume…

Between work, my expanding social circle, and activities that I’m getting involved in I’m doing really well (finally). I’m settling in for the long haul of life in Jordan and am ready to squash any signs that Wandering Liz is rearing her head by remembering the words of Joan Didion- “It’s time to pick the places you do not walk away from.”

Inshallah (God willing, if he’s up there) I will be applying for Jordanian residency, opening a bank account, and registering for a P.O. Box so I can actually receive mail here within the next couple of months. I’m ready to be a semi-functioning adult, although it still seems like I’m playing dress up sometimes (in the words of dear Claire)!

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