Hello, dear readers!

All is well in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. I’ve got my assignments for the week wrapped up (between freelancing and actual work I don’t really get a day off, but I like being busy anyways) and get to blog for a hot minute before I take a nap. Because I’m an adult. And I can.

The rain is pitter-pattering on the roof and I believe I heard some thunder this morning. A right good rainstorm we seem to be having! I’m enjoying the subdued atmosphere outside as it gives me more of an excuse to stay in and rest, which I need desperately after being sick all week.

I mean, really. My body is falling apart it seems. I’m finally over the fever but am still coughing like crazy, whether from the actual illness or the dust/diesel/dirt/’air’ of Amman we’ll never know. At any rate, ick. Someone make it stop.

In more exciting news, I have been accepted into graduate school. Hooray! I’m still in shock about that one and haven’t come anywhere near making a decision yet, but I’ll let y’all know. It’s a great opportunity, that’s for sure!

Not too much else is new in my little world, just living and learning a day at a time.


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