A taste of America!


(By ‘today’ I mean last Wednesday, when I actually wrote this post. Carry on!)

Sorry, hipsters- you read that right.

Let’s give the haters some perspective here, though. I hail from the depressing metropolis of Seattle originally and therefore the essence of the coffee bean may quite literally be encoded in my DNA. Although I vastly prefer the independent coffee shops chock full of character to the pristine conformity of the green mermaid, Starbucks is something I miss on occasion (because caramel macchiatos are SO DANG GOOD, Y’ALL).

The Starbucks craze has thankfully not hit my part of the world as hard. I think there are only 5 or 6 Starbucks in the greater Amman area and none are within range of my usual haunts, making my go-to coffee comfort an very rare caramel latte from Java Lava or my usual Nescafe concoction of morning wakeful wonderment.

But today the water heater broke in the office, rendering our need for caffeine greater than our need to press our noses to our computer screens and type till our fingers go numb and our eyes cross. My boss and coworker were out looking at a new potential office space and took pity on us in the form of whipped cream, caramel drizzle, delicious steamed milk and slightly burnt espresso.

I. Am. Happy.

Time to listen to some grungy Seattle 90s rock music (Sleater Kinney. You know you want to look them up now. Do it.) and bask in the glow!

(Coffee update: I am sitting in a cafe with Hannah and Claire today- Friday- and ordered something called the ‘iced caramel delight’ or some drink of the sort. I’m not sure if there is coffee in it but it is sugary, caramely, cold, and utterly delicious.)


A couple of my coworkers and I enjoying our treats!


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