The Amazing Spiderman (2!)

I will be the first to say that the Spiderman franchise has done very little for me. Spiderman hasn’t ever been my favorite superhero or comic, and the movie renditions of his high-flying antics have left me less than impressed.

…Until now.

I never saw the Amazing Spiderman 1 and, quite frankly, didn’t know there was a 1 until my friend called me up to say we’re going to see 2.

After heading to one of Amman’s malls (ugh) and seeing a game of human foosball being played (um, YES) we settled into our seats in the classy theater, which meant there were waiters to bring you your popcorn and you get to sit in the plushiest recliner I’ve ever had the privilege of gracing with my posterior.

Why does the world not know about human foosball?!

Why does the world not know about human foosball?!

I didn’t know whether to watch the movie or take a nap!  But, since the commercials before the movie are gloriously brief (win) I decided to stay awake.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 was indeed amazing. Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of a younger, snarkier Peter Parker left me giggling in the first scenes as he hurtles through the streets of New York. The romance between himself and Gwen Stacy* (the ever fabulous Emma Stone) dominated the plot, but never extended into the realm of unrealistic cheesiness. Quips about minimum wage left me chuckling before I made myself sad (too relate-able) and jokes scattered throughout the film made the drama a little easier to handle.

Jamie Foxx played the sadly nerdy Max who is an underrated employee of OsCorp who, through an unfortunate accident on his birthday, is dropped into a vat of electric eels and emerges as some delightfully scary-ass blue dude who can harness the power of electricity (I’ve been informed that ‘scary-ass blue dude’ is also known as Electro). Before his transition from nerdy minion to straight up bad guy Spiderman saves him and informs him that he’s special.

Having never been made to feel special or important Max begins to fixate on Spiderman (to the point of creepy stalkerish collages and stuff) as he is the only person who has paid attention to Max, even briefly. Of course, all this leads to the unfortunate eel incident and the rest is history.

Which led me down the rabbit trail- when you put people in mundane roles, don’t give them credit for their accomplishments, add in a dose of social anxiety and crappy coworkers and zero recognition what do you get?

Villains. Do you want villains? Because that’s how you get villains.

In the film you also find out much more about Peter Parker’s parents and the sacrifice they made to keep their son safe (well, safe-ish… He is a spiderweb flinging dude, after all). The love between Peter and his Aunt May as she struggles with the reality of the situation his parents left them in was heartbreaking.

Although the movie touched only briefly on the friendship between Harry Osborne and Pater Parker I enjoyed the moments they had onscreen together. Peter’s desire to comfort his friend after his father dies (because he can relate, after all) was refreshing in how the two boys reacted to one another after many years apart.

Of course, then Harry has a fairly rapid transition from head of a crazy big company to being the Green Goblin, who is probably one of the scariest villains in comic history in my person opinion. Ever since I saw the first Spiderman movie the Green Goblin has freaked the *&%# out of me. In a good way? He has an unfortunately quick death but my pita-clogged heart probably couldn’t handle him jumping up onscreen anymore anyways.

Music- spot on. From comic book fun tunes to modern, upbeat rock classics whoever scored this film gets a 10/10 from me. I found myself tapping my foot but I had also had a considerable amount of coffee before I got to the theater.

*Reason why Gwen Stacy was the best in this movie: she breaks up with Peter Parker after he keeps treating her poorly (superheros all feel bad about putting their loved ones in danger, but she isn’t taking it anymore. YOU GO GWEN) but they eventually get back together because, you know, fiction. In the meantime she’s applied to some super awesome Oxford program and is moving to England with or without her be-Spandexed beau, which I love. She also interns for OsCorp and helps find out what they’re hiding even though Spiderman is being kind of a twat about it all (moral of the story: unpaid interns good. Big corporations bad).


Whomp. See what this movie did to me? It made me FEEL.

I think that’s all I have to say. I was super impressed by the movie and you should go see it so we can geek out about it together!!

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