Fuzzy Butts and Field Trips

We’ve got a few little garbage kittens that have become quite attached to the patio in front of our apartment building, but that may be because some of the tenants of the building (ahem) have been feeding them milk and bits of meat here and there. Two kittens in particular have seemed to stick around and come barreling up to people as they walk out the door, squeaking insistently. It’s kind of cute! You can see them growing a bit tamer (although they run if you move too fast) and bolder in their attitude towards people and treats.

Hannah and Claire gave the kittens names but I’ve taken to calling them Fuzz Butt #1 and #2, or, alternately, Black Fuzz Butt and Ginger Fuzz Butt. They’re just so fuzzy and cute! I’ve got a little piece of meat to share tonight and see if I can get them close enough to snuggle a little bit without getting tetanus or fleas or anything. They’re cute, but they’re still garbage kitties.

While at work today we watched as two busses full of primary-school aged kids pulled up to the government offices next door and piled out, laughing and chaotic with their matching uniforms and name tags. My coworkers and I giggled a bit as that seems like a pretty boring field trip!

Here, kids- come see how the government works (or doesn’t, in some cases)! But I suppose kids are mostly happy with anything that gets them out of their classrooms for a day.

Meg has made it safely out of Jordan and our friend Rachel is now visiting from Oman, where she’s going to school. Rachel was one of Claire and I’s roommates in ‘the commune’ two summers ago when we all stayed in Jordan after our study abroad program ended. It’s been a lot of fun catching up with her and exciting to see more familiar faces!

Another former student is also staying with Claire and Hannah- she stayed with Hannah’s Jordanian host family before Hannah was there and is now living in Jerusalem. She seems pretty cool and we had a grand old ex-pat party yesterday!

Life in Amman continues.

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