Cycling Jordan

So this one time my friend convinced me that I should bike from Amman to Madaba and because I have very little else I need to do, I said yes.

And it was pretty awesome!

We went with a group called Cycling Jordan which organizes bike trips around the country. I got up bright an early (ugh) to meet my little group, which was as international as my Petra trip. We had a Jordanian, a Canadian, a Hungarian, and me!

008True to events that occur in Jordan we left much later than our intended starting time but were soon on the busy road leading south to Madaba. Helmets secured and bright traffic vests donned we whisked through the quiet streets of Amman (thank goodness for Fridays) and got comfortable on our bikes.

Now, I’m no stranger to biking due to my car-less existence no matter where in the world I am. Biking, trains, buses, and my own two feet carry me where I need to go. I can deal with traffic and busy streets, but what really stresses me out is the fact that other people do not pay attention to where they are going. Unfortunately Iwas surrounded by about 20 other cyclists plus speeding vehicles, so for the time we were on the busy highway I was a little nervous!

We soon turned off onto smaller roads and eventually were riding alongside farms and fields. The scenery was beautiful and the air quiet, a nice breeze keeping us all cool as we trundled up hills and coasted down the roads. It was nice to be out and about in the beautiful parts of Jordan once again this week and getting more exercise never hurt, either!*012


Sorry for the crooked- I was biking!

017 We stopped for lunch near the outskirts of Madaba at the Cycle Jordan center there. A rousing game of volleyball was started while lunch was being prepared and so more laughing and running around occurred! I’m terrible at volleyball but, then again, none of us were hitting the pro leagues anytime soon.


Wheat fields!


Representing Colorado on my outdoor Jordan adventures.

Lunch consumed and our muscles tired we were bused back to Amman. Let’s just say another much needed shower was had as was a very, very long nap!

Here’s the map of where we went:

35km of slightly hurty awesomeness

35km of slightly hurty awesomeness

*Ok, it hurt my butt a bit. That bike seat was tough.

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