60 Things to Do When You’re Bored At Work

  1. Stare at your email until you get one (it’ll probably be junk, anyways)
  2. Reread your favorite blogs or find some new ones- I highly recommend
    1. The Oatmeal
    2. Hyperbole and a Half
    3. Questionable Content
    4. The Bloggess
    5. Buzzfeed
    6. Imgur
    7. And Caffeinated Wanderings (see what I did there? Of course you did)
  3. Have another cup of coffee
  4. Use the bathroom a few times. Enjoy the peace and quiet.
  5. Email your mother (better yet, just call your mom. She loves hearing from you)
  6. Continue to be oddly emotional about the fact that the bathroom soap smells like your great aunt’s house (this might just be me)
  7. Online shop for fun things you can’t afford
  8. Buy books instead, because they make you smarter
  9. Stare out the window
  10. Stare out the window until someone in the parking lot next door gets in a fight (take bets with coworkers on who will win- walk away dejectedly when the fight fizzles)
  11. Space out in the general direction of your coworker until they ask what the hell is wrong with you
  12. Find a snack
  13. Stare at your computer screen like you are super busy, but take this time to contemplate your life. But not too much, cause that shit gets scary fast.
  14. Make a to-do list of all the fun and not-so-fun things you get to do when the clock finally hits 5.
  15. Read a book
  16. Halfheartedly try to find something work related to do
  17. Make a grocery list
  18. Consider how to take an inconspicuous nap at your desk
  19. Update your blog (hey hey)
  20. Look up nearby restaurants for great happy hour specials. You’re going to need it after all this not-working you are doing
  21. Look up pictures of upside down dogs (you won’t regret it!)
  22. Look up pictures of dogs catching toys underwater
  23. Look up pictures of sea creatures, camels, and platypus- all surprisingly goofy and uplifting
  24. Look up baby things- mini versions of people, animals, and objects are always adorable
  25. Facebook stalk people. Friends, family, old relationships… no one will ever know.
  26. Contemplate how #23 isn’t entirely accurate because the NSA will totally know.
  27. Think about all the creepy ways in which technology and the government rule your life
  28. Order a copy of 1984
  29. Listen to the music you really like
  30. Get a little pen drum going and maybe some air guitar
  31. Make origami animals out of post-it notes
  32. Begin stockpiling post-it note pads for use in pranking others. Friends. Family. Coworkers. Strangers. Doesn’t matter.
  33. Consider taking up yoga
  34. Resume search for happy hour deals instead
  35. Drink some water, cause hydration is good
  36. Observe the parking lot next door (again, maybe just me) and watch how bad people are at parking (realllyyyyy baaaaddd)
  37. Stare at your phone and will someone to call or text you (see #1)
  38. Consider texting a friend and chicken out because, you know, rejection sucks and you’re supposed to be working, anyways
  39. Read a variety of news websites to see what is happening in the world
  40. Use all this time you have to research where the MH370 plane disappeared to because SERIOUSLY no one has found it yet and I need to know what happened so I can get on an airplane again
  41. While you’re at it, find Amelia Earhart.
  42. Clean your keyboard.
  43. Sign up for an online class (you’ll probably forget about it in like, an hour, but it’s nice to feel like you’re going to learn something)
  44. Get lost on Wikipedia
  45. Get lost on YouTube- watch the comedic genius of these people:
    1. Eddie Izzard
    2. Jeff Dunham
    3. Brian Reagan
    4. Anything from SNL
    5. Kid Snippets
    6. Sad Cat Diary
    7. Trevor Noah
    8. Bo Burnham
    9. It goes on. YouTube is crazy. Go nuts.
  46. Take advantage of your desk drawer snacks (soon to feature desk drawer whiskey, because reasons)
  47. If you don’t have desk drawer snacks, invest in them. Desk drawer snacks include Nutella, peanut butter, pretzels, apples, assorted candy, chips, whiskey, whatever you like. They’re your desk snacks!
  48. Learn a few new words in your native language or a new language
  49. Spin around in your chair until you get dizzy. If you don’t have a swively chair, request one now. Or get creative.
  50. If your coworkers are similarly inclined, create a swivel chair conga line. Or race down the hallway.
  51. Make a fort underneath your desk
  52. Cobble together the most ratchet lunch using questionable things left in the office fridge
  53. Stare at the clock and will it to move faster
  54. If you have a whiteboard, scribble on that shit
  55. Rearrange your purse
  56. Or your pockets, wherever you keep your stuff
  57. Watch a short TV show like QI, Archer, the Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, whatever you feel like.
  58. Get up the courage to check your bank account- scream internally
  59. Redo your resume and consider exaggerating your skills. The job market is tough, yo.
  60. Make a list of things to do at work when you are bored. Hope it helps some other poor sucker out there somewhere.

If you’ve got any more boring workday suggestions, let me know! I’ve got 21 work days left before I head back to the States and I’m going to need all the help I can get…

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