World Cup Fever

The World Cup fever has not been diminished by Ramadan in the least, or so I gathered from the packed crowd at the bar I found myself at on Tuesday watching the US play Belgium in what ended up being a great game.

We didn’t win, sorry. Spoiler alert.

Nevertheless fans from all around the world gathered and screamed and shouted at the screens, laughing together and bothering the poor waiters who had to serve our sorry butts well into the evening. While I do enjoy people who are passionate fans of anything (coffee, travel, living life, football, whatever it is) there is a line, and a couple drunk Americans definitely crossed it. Just don’t be that guy, guys.

A few nights ago I had dinner with my British friend Emily (who I went to Petra with) and two newcomers to Jordan, a girl from Belgium and a girl from Switzerland. The girl from Belgium is an intern for the UN High Council for Refugees (jealous, minus the not getting paid part) and has been here for about 2 days, and the girl from Switzerland has been here for 3 days. We found ourselves in the beautiful backyard of a cafe which got increasingly crowded as the night went on (Ramadan brings out the night owls!). We ate delicious food and smoked tasty arguileh and talked about everything from the pets we left at home to the lives we have in this crazy country.

Even if my family isn’t here and many of my friends have only known me a for a few years, the moments I spend watching football games with a crowd of random friends and strangers or having dinner with an international group of women make me feel comfortable, like I belong even if it is just for a few hours. I have a community, even if it is just a few pieces of a jumbled up puzzle that have gotten stuck together for a bit.

Ramadan is trying to turn me into even more of a night owl than I already am. I’m am decidedly not a morning person, but I’m not the stay up till 3am type either. I feel like I’m kind of getting into the late night swing of Ramadan (starting dinner at 9 and going from there) and mostly functioning during the daylight hours… like an awkward zombie.


Fresh veggies, pickles, baba ganoush, lebnah, some sort of cheese, falafel, hummus, fetteh, galaya bendura and pita, of course! Yum 🙂

I’m not usually one to take pictures of my food, but this spread was too delicious to pass up!

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