Two Weeks To Go

Last night was the championship game of the World Cup and Jordan got a little crazy. Bars and restaurants were packed to the rafters as fans and friends got together to see who would win it all. I stumbled around to a few locations before landing at a cute little cafe downtown with some friends where we smoked arguileh, watched the game and drank beer out of tea pots.


Not tea, I repeat, not tea

I think that was their way of subtly subverting the Ramadan alcohol rules, but I legitimately thought I was drinking tea. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I was not!

Germany won with a great goal at the very end of overtime sending Jordan (and Germany) into the streets, honking horns and going nuts. Although I got home at a relatively normal hour I was kept up by the revelers living it up in the streets. 

My last week of work has been extraordinarily boring. A brilliant member of the Dubai office decided to extend our working hours so now I get to do nothing for 6 hours instead of 5… Woo. One of my coworkers has brought a pillow into the office which he uses to sleep and, alternately, prop his head up to take selfies on his camera. He’s a bit self-involved. I do very little but it’s ok, I’m leaving!

I went hiking on Saturday with the same group Meg, Hannah, Claire and I hiked with at the end of May. I managed to bring my camera this time and got some great pictures which I’ll upload one of these days. In the meantime I’m off to plan a brief trip to Wadi Rum- woo!

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