Amman Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights are the best night for surprise birthday parties, impromptu sing-alongs, and watching Germany beat the crap out of poor Brazil in the World Cup.

A group of friends threw a surprise party for an American friend of ours, so people of all nationalities crammed into their tiny apartment filled with food and balloons and waited for her to come around. She was definitely surprised and we were all happy to see her as this meant we could all dig in to the giant spread of delicious food we had all brought! And celebrating her, of course.

Wooo surprise parties!

Wooo surprise parties!

Ramadan aside, there was also a tad bit of alcohol present although it had little to do with the amount of singing, dancing, laughing, and general merriment that followed. That was just a random group of people getting jiggy and being weird, which leads to some awesome nights.

These people. Yes.

These people. Yes.

Look at us! All so smiley and happy and crap.

Look at us! All so smiley and happy and crap.

I smile a lot (as many of you know) but my cheeks hurt after just a few minutes as funny stuff just kept happening. New faces walked through the door and left as friends as we all mingled, told stories, and began getting a little crazy when my Spanish friend Nacho (oh yes, his name is Nacho) picked up a guitar and began playing everything from Spanish love songs to Irish drinking songs, Johnny Cash and American Pie.

Getting crazy

Getting crazy

Needless to say, we all sang and danced along and the collective hearts of the women in the room broke as we were serenaded. It was spectacular.


The evening wore on and we all left to attend the Brazil-Germany World Cup game. I was rooting for Brazil as the World Cup is being held in their country and Brazilians are all passionate and beautiful, but unfortunately they were soundly stomped by the uber-efficient Germans who dominated within the first 30 minutes of the game. Sad day.

Side note: this post was written a couple weeks ago but I’m just now getting around to grabbing the pictures of that night. So that’s that!

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