You might get lost, but there’s always sahoor.

I feel like I’ve seen way more sunrises during Ramadan than in the last couple of years combined… but I can’t complain, because those nights have been pretty great!

Yesterday I joined a friend for coffee which was guaranteed to keep me up till the wee hours of the morning. I’ve maybe had 3 cups of coffee in the last month, and the effects of a single latte or packet of instant Nescafe is now very noticeable… We chatted about the situation in Gaza (which is shitty), life plans for the next few months, and work stuff as my friend is also a writer.

We then ventured down to the new Abdali Boulevard which is Jordan’s attempt to revamp and modernize part of the city. It is a cool place with high rise apartments, spots for future shops and cafes that are going to be super expensive, and cute little vendors. We met up with my friend’s other friends who are/were study abroad students, so that was fun.

20140716_232340 20140716_232400 20140717_002952

After people watching for awhile and partaking in some delicious ice cream we drove the girls home and promptly got lost driving back. One of the girls lived outside the city in a neighborhood I’d never been to before and, after dropping her off, proceeded to wander about the middle of nowhere and laughing about it until about 2:30am. Because that’s the kind of thing you do here.

Until nature calls and you remember that any Jordanian gas station bathroom is still better than 85% of American gas station bathrooms all day, every day. I was relieved. 

At that point sleeping was obviously not in the cards so we found a cafe and had sahoor, which is the meal during Ramadan before the morning call to prayer (around 4am). It was delicious! I had a difficult time getting myself to bed after drinking tea at 3:30am, but a short sing along in the car to Josh Groban (who is beautiful) fixed that right up.

Today I am fasting, partially because my day got going with a delicious sahoor and also because I feel like I need to try it once or twice while Ramadan is happening around me. I’ve also been invited to an Iftar dinner tonight (which I am SO excited for already) and want to really appreciate it! 

My friend also gave me the little inspiration that I needed. Throughout Ramadan he has been praying 5 times a day, fasting, and generally following the tenants of the Islamic faith closer than before. While I don’t align myself with any religious identity (still searching for answers, as it were) I was touched when he mentioned that he had dedicated a couple prayers to me over the course of Ramadan.

Despite my lack of belief in higher powers I know that many people in my life keep me in their prayers to whatever god or being they choose, and I appreciate that immensely. It’s a thoughtful gesture and, although my doubts often get in the way of my appreciation, it does mean a lot to me.

Also, it’s my last day of work. Woohooo!!!!!

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