Sunset Iftar

The evening before my Thelma and Louise road trip I was invited to an Iftar dinner with some friends up in a forest near Jerash. We piled in my friend’s car and headed on up, hungry and excited. 

I fasted that day as I’d been up early enough to catch a delicious sahoor breakfast with a friend and decided to get the full Ramadan experience, for one day at least. It was kind of rough, but thankfully I had enough to keep me busy during the day!

We made it to the forest where we joined much better prepared picnic goers (they actually brought, you know, chairs and stuff) and waited impatiently for the sun to go down. Finally it did (after many pictures taken) and we dug in to a delicious meal. Totally worth it!


Sunny hills

018 016 013

We sat around for awhile afterwards talking, munching, and smoking. We decided to head back to Amman around 9:30 that night but had made it about 100 meters down the road before the tire of my friend’s big ass truck popped like an overfilled balloon.

Yikes, yo.

Why is it that the biggest, baddest cars are the hardest to fix?

Long story short, three hours and a new tire later we were on our way back to Amman. This and my friend Michael’s going away party (which had me out and about till about 4:30am) may have contributed to the late start of the road trip the next day…


Leaving is rough. Hug your friends!

Oh, well. All in a day’s adventure!


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