Gone, but not forgotten.

After 6 months and 4 days I have left the beautiful country of Jordan, onward to more adventures. I had a wonderful last week in Jordan which involved not working, not sleeping, and generally gallivanting around having grand old time!

I will miss so many things about Jordan. I will miss the food, the smells (even the bad ones), the people and the life. I miss Arabic, the exuberance of teenagers riding around in cars, the garbage kitties and the vegetable stands and camels and sheep herds going through downtown and Iftar dinners and shisha and my silly little apartment and the crazy rhythm to life that was complicated and confusing and all at once made sense.

Since I wasn’t able to say thank you to many of the people who meant so much to me while I was there, here are my thank yous for the entire internet to read. Many of these people may never read this, but that isn’t the point- for better, worse, or everything in between they all mean the world to me.

Thank you to:

My family- for letting me leave and supporting me no matter where I am, what I’m doing or where I go.

Saad, Patricia, Yara, Mohammad, Saleh, and Yousef- for being extraordinary coworkers, making me laugh, frustrating me, and letting me write. 

Tamer- for being one of my oldest and definitely my greatest friend in the entire world. You have made me laugh harder than ever, given me a shoulder to cry on, watched movies and supported me through it all. You continue to teach me what love is.

Joe- for loving me from afar, and far better than I could have ever imagined. You make me feel at home even when I don’t have one. 

Emily- for being the Thelma to my Louise, putting up with my American sense of humor (humour?), and trusting me through road trips, camel rides, and marriage proposals.

Farroukh- for many a Whiskey Wednesday spent watching cheesy Bollywood movies. I’ve found a new form of therapy!

Talal- for having the best Texas accent this side of the Jordan River, inviting me to fun events, and driving me to the airport last minute in addition to all the laughs.

Hiba- for having the most infectious way of living a joyous life! For cooking, laughing, eating, drinking, dancing and singing with any and all people who walk through your door.

Hannah and Claire- for being my neighbors and oldest amigas in Amman, and for putting up with me. 

James and James- for both being unexpected, hilarious friends.

Musa- for being yourself truly, absolutely, and unabashedly. I wish I had your courage and strength, but I think we all have a little inside us somewhere.

Juliet, Michael, and Ahmad- for being the funniest set of friends I’ve ever met! I’ll never forget our beer in a tea pot World Cup adventure.

Nacho- for being an incredible artist, for singing Johnny Cash, and staying up all night laughing together. I’ve rarely met someone who breathes fresh life into a room like you.

James, Shirley, and Merle- for reading my blog and faithfully emailing me week after week, adventure to adventure. The cat videos are always appreciated!

To all the Couch Surfers who emailed, grabbed coffee, smoked shisha, and generally let me find a friend, thank you. To all the friends who introduced me to their families, their friends, and their favorite places in Jordan, thank you for making my experience beautiful and exciting!

My life would be so much less colorful without each and every one of you in my life. See you around the world!

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