I’m missing a bit of me….

People: if you have kids or are thinking of having kids in the future, let me tell you something:


Ok. Whew. 

I got my tonsils out yesterday after being really sick as a kid, and really sick last winter because of the massive tonsils the universe gave me. When multiple medical professionals gasped in horror and I had to start telling them that they really didn’t need the light/mouth microscope or tongue depressor to see the problem, it was time for them (the tonsils, not the doctors) to go.

Too bad I had my sister’s wedding and a one way ticket to Jordan in the way.

Now I’m sitting on my sister’s couch, hopped up on medication with a super sexy ice thing wrapped around my neck. I get to wake up every 4 hours to take my meds, so sleeping at night really hasn’t improved. I can kind of breathe, kind of talk in a really croaky voice, and am enjoying the fact that I can read my books, not wear real pants and lounge around all day and everyone accepts it.

I didn’t get too loopy from the anesthesia (the doctors were really good and kept me long after the hugging everyone/disclosing private information about my love life/answering any and all questions with complete honesty stage) although I did wake up and freak out a bit because I forgot where I was. 

I don’t like that I can’t drink coffee and can’t consume real food. That makes me hangry. I do like the never ending supply of popsicles and jello and the fact that I might get to eat applesauce and well cooked pasta tonight.

It’s the little things in life. 

Also, I sent my visa in today and I’m really hoping it all goes well. Eeeeee. I leave for Belfast in one month!

I did find this amazing mustache straw at 7-11 for 99 cents.

I did find this amazing mustache straw at 7-11 for 99 cents.

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