Belfast City, y’all!

Oh hey guess what?

I have officially (after 30 something hours of travel…) made it to Belfast! I’m very calm, cool and collected about this new stage in my life, totally wasn’t late for international students’ orientation this morning, and definitely memorized all the details of what I need to do before classes start on…

I should probably figure out when classes actually start.


Ok, you get it.

I may not be on top of everything but DAMN AM I EXCITED TO BE HERE.

I landed in the midst of a green paradise, sun shining on the sheeps and cows munching peacefully around the airport. After baggage claim I was greeted by a few other Queen’s students as well as some student leaders who trucked us to the University and gave us a brief rundown of what’s what. I checked in and got placed in a room that is not my real room, but rather a dank studio in a basement with a shared bathroom (singular) and shared shower (also singular) until Saturday when our housing contracts actually begin.

Something in me says an esteemed educational institution should notice the date discrepancy for when they tell students they need to be here for mandatory orientation and when they can technically move in, but that’s just me. While I thought my personal era of needing shower shoes was over (I’m relying on promises to the universe and prayers to multiple deities to prevent foot diseases) it is nice to not have to jump into being social, but ease into it over the next week or so.

Until then I’ve got to register, be on time to other orientation sessions, set up my phone- which will NOT take three weeks this time *cough* Jordan *cough*- and move into my real apartment at some point. And explore the grand city of Belfast, too, of course!

The Caffeinated Wanderings: Northern Ireland edition has officially begun!

Here’s a giggle for other travelers who might experience some of the same wide eyed anxiety that I do when traveling:

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