Friends in…. Places

I have made a few hilarious friends over the slightly less than two weeks I’ve been here. My first (and best, obviously) friends are two individuals I’ll call Oh Canada and ****, because I can’t think up a suitable nickname for him as of yet. Oh Canada is from Toronto and is studying law here, because she’s smart. **** is studying arts management, plays the organ, and is from the East Coast (although we won’t fault him for that). Basically, Oh Canada is the devil on my shoulder and **** is my angel. Sometimes you listen to one, and sometimes the other! At any rate, I’ve laughed so hard I almost peed a little in their presence and they seem to think I’m pretty ok, too.

Eating at the ceili last week. Fun fun!

Eating at the ceili last week. Fun fun!

We met on a campus tour and kind of glommed onto each other from there, which I’m super grateful for! It’s always nice to have buddies who are just as confused as you are to go through registration, opening bank accounts, and scavenging free food with. Oh Canada is stubborn and hilarious and always up for a good time, and **** isn’t afraid to play Disney drinking games and watch ‘Brave’ in our pajamas. Both of them are hilarious to tease, and I get it back in spades as well.

Yay! Friends!

I also struck up a conversation with a guy we’ll call the Unintentional Hipster. I made friends with him because he’s studied in Ireland before, has an epic beard, and almost exclusively wears plaid. I thought he had to be from my corner of the US, but it turns out he’s from New Orleans which is probably more epic than Seattle. Anyways, we’re friends now. I insist upon it.

I’ve also met my Political Psychology classmates, of which there are 9. 7 showed up for our induction on Wednesday, and the two remaining Americans are still figuring out visa issues and will hopefully make it here within the next couple weeks. That seriously has to suck… The rest of us are from the US, Germany, Spain and Bulgaria, so we’ve got a good crowd! We got the info for our classes and met a few of our professors. I’m excited for school. Yay learning!

I’ve met one of my two roommates, he is an undergraduate from China and he’s very nice. The second roommate hasn’t shown up yet, so they’re either from the UK and moving in this weekend or simply don’t exist. Oh well.

Till classes start I’m resting up for another busy week and continuing to get my life together. I’ve stocked my kitchen with necessary items and hope to get my bus pass, find a job, sign up for the gym, and take some sort of language class this semester as well. So many things to do! But, for the moment, I think I’ll have some tea.

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