Aggressive Sports Week

This week is brought to you by aggressive sports and my own personal need to participate in them, despite my love of lying in bed being lazy.

Contradictory, I know. Welcome to my caffeinated world.

Up this week we have roller derby, boxing, mountaineering (the fancy word for rock climbing) and Irish class. Not Irish dancing, Irish language. It’s more of a mental sport.

I had my first practice with the Belfast Roller Girls yesterday which was ah-MAH-zing! I got to practice with the advanced skaters (since, let’s face it, I might stink but it isn’t my first time on wheels) and had a blast. I’ll go back on Thursday for a scrimmage so they can assess whether or not I can join one of their league teams in a couple months which I really hope I can do. I’m holding out for getting to wear a real uniform, have a real derby name, and get to play in an actual game.

Tonight was training with the boxing club which was entirely too much fun! I was one of two women who showed up- booyah. The gym was full of us newbies and a few crochety old Irish guys, which is just the best. It kicked my ass, in the best way possible! I added wrist wraps to my stinky sports equipment collection in my room. Ew.

Tomorrow is the aforementioned Irish language lessons which will be a mental exercise in how much I can cram into my brain before it explodes.

I also signed up for mountaineering club which takes trips all around Europe and climbs on rocks. Yay! My kind of thing. They have a climbing wall in the gym to practice on which I’ll be needing- I actually really stink at rock climbing and want to get better.

Thus ends the week of aggressive sports for me! Hopefully it will be the start of being wonderful and active and healthy again, which I have missed lately. For now I need to stretch, eat everything in my refrigerator, and fall into bed.

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