The Survival of the Craziest

Whew. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

In the midst of getting used to classes, making friends, playing sports and freelancing there’s been hardly room to breathe, let alone blog. I take issue with this, since I do enjoy ‘fun’ writing so much more than the drivel I get paid for! 😉

I’ve been in Belfast for a bit over a month now. Classes are progressing as usual- nothing too exciting going on there (oo! Ethics class! Tell me more! Not…) but life outside of university is spinning like mad. I’ve been keeping busy with roller derby (I’ll be drafted to a BRD team in January sometime) and getting more involved with the climbing team, which is hootloads of fun. I’ve never been a strong rock climber but have improved exponentially over the last couple of weeks and am looking forward to learning more. Boxing is also good- I’m usually the only girl there, but the training schedule is tough and I love it!

Pub quizzes, rainy days, reading books, drinking tea, writing, coffee, politics, talking till my throat hurts, sleeping till the sun comes up again. The weather is cold but clear most mornings, pouring rain by evening. Queen’s is hosting a festival and I’ve gone to a couple concerts that have been a blast.

Enough talk- more pictures!


A particularly beautiful day in the Botanic Gardens


The Everest Wall at Queen’s- I made it to the top, with much prodding!


Belfast City Hall with Restaurant Week tents set up.


A few choice brews for an evening out.


A sculpture locals like to call ‘Balls on the Falls,’ as it sits on Falls Road in West Belfast.

Since we’ve last spoken (written?) I’ve visited an Irish language center in West Belfast, worn the heel off of a rainboot, and contemplated the purchase of an umbrella. I’ve agreed to host a pumpkin carving party tomorrow for my classmates, many of whom have never made a jack o’lantern before, and played Spin the Bottle with a group of students who really should know better by now. I’ve traveled to the Republic of Ireland (that post coming next!) and continued to enjoy the vast amount of history Belfast has to offer, and am slowly getting to know it and the people here better.

That’s all for now! I promise to try and be better about blogging now that a few major projects have ended and I should have a bit more free time coming up.


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