Fancy a jaunt?

Yesterday my friends Oh Canada and a mountaineering buddy drove up to the Mourne Mountains in the southeast of Northern Ireland and went for a wee hike. And by ‘wee’ I mean, across the sheep fields and up two hills that qualify as mountains here and, although they would be considered hills in Colorado, soundly kicked by butt by steepness and lack of trail. Woo, wandering!

I can’t remember the names of the hills, but one was the second highest in the Mournes. I’ll let pictures tell the rest of the story because they’re more interesting and I can’t be arsed to think of more words to describe how beautiful it was at the moment!


Over the river and through the woods (and over a few fences and around that pile of cow poo and into the mud puddle…)


The mini-hill to the left and bigger one in the middle are the ones we climbed!


Follow the big stone fence… up, up and up some more.


Halfway there- look at the sun!


Near the top and into the mist


The summit!


Beautiful sunset


This cow sculpture was in the middle of a roundabout, which Oh Canada and I dodged traffic to get into, and then were too tired to climb on so we just did this.


Shit’s steep, yo!


Sun, somewhere!


Summit selfie!


Mini castle near the cow roundabout.

019 021

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