Tis the Season

I’ve been informed by the Belfast Telegraph that today is National Christmas Jumper day.

Jumpers, as many of you may know, is slang over here for sweaters. So, my American friends, Happy National Christmas Sweater Day!

Growing up Christmas sweaters were synonymous with tacky, horrendous things you’d usually find on a kindergarten teacher (not to tick off any teachers, but let’s be real- the fashion sense is severely lacking in the majority of cases) or someone who’d lost all sense of perspective. Christmas sweaters featured rough wool, bright clashing colors and often some sort of extra ornamentation like faux Christmas balls or mini strings of functional Christmas lights.

Over here in Northern Ireland -and across the UK, for that matter- Christmas jumpers take on an entirely different connotation. They are not something relegated to the bargain section of the department store, but rather take up entire shelves and racks. They are worn proudly throughout the month of December and even into November, because the constrictions of Thanksgiving hold no power here. Christmas jumpers feature lovely woodland creatures, stylized reindeer, quaint cabins in the woods and are always soft and cozy. They light up and, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might even find one that sings…

They are creations that any elementary school teacher in the States would gasp with delight to behold. They are beautiful. They are tacky. And the best part is? No one judges you for wearing one.

So, on this auspicious National Christmas Jumper Day, nearly halfway through the month of December and within sight of Christmas Day, I will be donning my own delightfully horrible Christmas jumper to attend a party for the postgraduate psychology students this evening.

There will be snacks. There will be drinking. There will be jumpers!

Bring it.

*Pictures of my own Christmas jumper will be posted later, as will photographic evidence of some of the shenanigans the psychologists get up to this evening.


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