Ready, Set, Skate.

Last night I attended an info night for potentially new derby skaters, held in the convenient location of the pub. Woo!

As I sat there with some new skaters and some advanced skaters I realized that, at this time 6 months ago, I was in their place. I dragged Maggie and Robert into the pub to meet a bunch of derby girls not knowing where my derby ‘career’ was going to go from there. I showed up, made the cut, and have spent the last 6 months practicing twice a week with a great group of ladies.

I finally got over my fear (fear? concern? anxiety? dislike?) of scrimmaging. With the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls we would scrimmage once a week and practice two other times, giving me time to mentally prep for a game scenario. I still dreaded it some days, but I showed up.

Scrimmaging twice a week after skating in a practice was and is tough to get used to. Growing more confident in my skills certainly made it easier, and realizing that I could hold my own against the other skaters made it even better. I still get beat up, and I still have bad practices, and I still come home with bruises and wondering why I continue to play, but I show up. And I don’t dread it so much.

Plus, I finally (finally!) have this:


Derby name: SLAMMAlamadingdong

Derby number: 4

Team: Belfast Roller Derby’s Norn Iron Maidens

And, although I can’t play in Saturday’s game, I will be doing my best to keep a poker face as an official in the penalty box. I’ll get my first BRD swag (tshirts and pins and patches, oh my) and get to watch my teammates kill it on the track.

So, for now, I’ll enjoy where I am and how far I’ve come in just the last 6 months. Derby life is crazy, yo.

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