Learning Curve Face

Spring break has been blessed with lots of sun in Northern Ireland! I’ve had the great luck to get to go climbing twice in the last two days, although my muscles would argue otherwise.

Yesterday we climbed up Slieve Donnard to a place called Devil’s Coach Road, which was a slippery little gully with some great routes on it. The hike up was steep with rucksacks and all, but beautiful! Being able to see the ocean and the mountains (and the sun!) was great.633 637 644 646 650657

Matt and I only got one climb in that day, a route called Shelob (after the nasty spider in the Lord of the Rings films, ick) but it was awesome to be in the sun all day! Can’t complain about that.

Yesterday we went back to Lower Cove to climb, again in the gorgeous sunlight.

Climbed a cool route called Pillar Variant which was a lot of fun, and then I got to lead my first climb ever!

Which was kind of scary, but also pretty ok. I have a hard time finding places to put gear and it took me awhile, but the climb itself wasn’t tough. Yay, I did a thing!

I also realized that I have a serious case of learning curve face. When I am struggling to learn something (aka, how to put little metal things in big rock things so if I fall maybe I won’t die) I am not happy about it. Because I don’t learn as quickly as I think I should. It’s a matter of experience, and I get frustrated when I don’t get things right the first (or 15th time). But, I did a thing, and hopefully it’s the first in a series of other cool things I’ll do.

683 687 691 696 699 706 Laura also got to lead her first climb- woo!712 722 726 728

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