Keep Edinburgh Weird

Last weekend I had the chance to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend to attend a derby bootcamp (yes, another!) and be a tourist. Don’t worry, I brought along dissertation crap to work on, too! The flight took a measly 25 minutes once we were in the air… talk about a short nap.

My hostel was cute and in the old part of Edinburgh, with lots of things to see nearby. I was right down the road from the Edinburgh Castle, explored the Royal Mile every day, climbed Arthur’s Seat and ate all the food I could find!

The weather was beautiful for the most part- only got rained on going to the derby boot camp, and I had a spare change of clothes with me anyways. Edinburgh was delightfully weird and there was always something going on that I could stop and watch for a little while. There was a lot of walking in Edinburgh, rain or shine!


St. Gile’s Cathedral


More invisible men!


Cool church artwork


Looks like the cow skipped the moon and jumped through the pub instead


The side of Edinburgh Castle… have fun stormin’ it!


You’ve chosen… poorly.




Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper just down the street from the flaming bagpiper


This magician had a balloon on his head. See again: Edinburgh is awesomely weird.


Arthur’s Seat

015 017 025 029 031 033 045 048 049 054 058 060 072 073 074

I have also never heard or seen as many bagpipes in my life as I did during my four days in Edinburgh. Also: kilts are totally a thing and I giggle at them Every. Single. Time. The casual kilt is just my favorite.

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