Is this what cool feels like?

Gonna have a nerdy roller derby post here tonight, lovely people.

There’s this movie called ‘Whip It’ that came out a few years ago. It’s a roller derby film featuring some famous someones you may have heard of such as Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wiig and Ellen Page. The film is based on a book of the same name by Shauna Cross, a former derby girl herself.

Basically, there’s this moment in the beginning of the movie when the small town main character sees her first derby girls. They skate into the shop and drop off flyers for their next game- they are light on their feet, smiling, and generally seem to be enjoying themselves, their friends and the fact that they have skates on their feet. The look on the main character’s face is a look I’ve had on mine many times- when I first heard about derby, when I saw my first game, when I started observing players I really liked, when I got to meet players I idolized. It’s the look you get when you meet someone you think is extraordinary, and they are; but they’re also completely relate-able and often go on to become your friends and teammates.

Back to the story. I went to the gig of a friend I skate with who is also in a band (yeah, she’s kind of a badass). We were told we could attend on skates, so a few of us got dressed up and lugged our skates down to the venue where we got to fangirl like crazy and be on roller skates. In dresses. I have to say, that’s a pretty good night!


Our clever use of props…

After her band was done we sat about for a bit to watch the other groups. A member of the audience came up and told us how cool she thought we were and how fun it was to see people on skates rocking out to a crazy little band from Belfast. This was the moment that I realized that, to someone else, I was the roller girl they looked up to or wanted to be.

And that shit was CRAZY, yo. Also, I realize ‘cool’ is totally in the eye of the beholder and all that, but derby is my cool and I’m gonna roll with it (see what I did there?).

Today a few of the Belfast skaters had the chance to participate in the 25th annual Belfast Pride Parade, which was fantastic in many ways! One, it didn’t rain on us (a damn Christmas miracle right there), and two, there were so many people around participating and watching!


This selfie is what ‘dork’ looks like 🙂


Slugbug lovebug!

008 006 003 002

The pavement was hard to skate on but the atmosphere was great. I saw parts of Belfast I hadn’t wandered into before and I got to do it on skates. While wearing my new favouritest t-shirt.


Trample the patriarchy, indeed.

Happy skating, walking, running, biking, hopping, or whatever else you wanna do to get moving!

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