A Postgraduate Press Release

I know I can’t broadcast this to everyone who is asking questions about my future (pity), but here it goes anyways.

A Postgraduate Press Release: To Whom It May Concern Re: My Future.

No, I don’t have any career plans. I don’t have a career. I had series of jobs I didn’t like and an allergy to the hours of 9-5.

I am not moving back to America, although I would like to visit sometime next year, finances pending.

Right now I am keeping busy rock climbing, playing roller derby, and looking for jobs.

Yes, I am looking for jobs in Northern Ireland. One day I woke up and decided I really didn’t mind living here, so we’ll see how finding employment goes and if the British government lets me stay.

I also spend my time watching entirely too much Netflix, coloring in my adult coloring book (scratch that- my coloring book for adults. I always say that the wrong way), and soaking up the late-to-the-game sunshine that has recently decided to grace the green grasses of Belfast.

My future plans, if working in Belfast doesn’t pan out, include eating lots of rice and pasta and saving my pennies to move to Nepal, because it’s inexpensive and because mountains.

That is all. Thank you for your attention.

Here’s a picture of a happy otter.


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