The One Where Nothing Happens

The climbing trip where…. nothing really happened.

I didn’t even take my harness out of my bag (at least I brought it this time!). We climbed up the damp side of Sleive Binnian in the Mournes to be greeted with rain, sun, rainbows, a couple puppies and some sheep. Even though the weather sucked and I didn’t get to climb anything, we still had a great day (proving that who you climb with is just as important as what you climb).

Photographic evidence of the weirdness that is Norn Iron:


Eh, little windy but doesn’t look too bad.


A few clouds, beautiful view…


It’s steeper than it looks


Whomp, just a few more clouds rolling in


Climbers are… odd


Sunshine: “I’ve been here the whole time. You didn’t just spend half an hour huddled under a rock trying to keep dry, no….”


Wet granite= bad climbey times. However, this particular piece of granite holds my favorite route called ‘Thrill Issues of the Jellyman’ which is entirely too hard for me to climb but I love the Nemo reference anyways.


Belay buddies through rain and shine!


Top roping daft things because we didn’t have anything to lose at that point


The rainbow just means that shit was pouring down rain about 5 minutes before I took this picture.


Wind tunnel fun!

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