So this one time it was sunny

So this one time it was sunny and warm in Northern Ireland for about 4.5 seconds, and I managed to be outside for all of it. Win!

Here are a few pictures of some north coast adventures I had last week.


The Dark Hedges- you may recognize this from Game of Thrones!


The cool thing about Northern Ireland is that pretty much everywhere is a Game of Thrones location.


Iron Islands, anyone?


Beautiful dinner views!

045 052 053 062

A few derby friends and I went up to a little place called Ballintoy to participate in some shenanigans called coasteering. Coasteering involves shoving your pasty, decidedly not ready for bathing suit weather body into a wet suit (I felt like an overstuffed sausage), popping on a life jacket and helmet and rocking around the north coast’s frigid Atlantic waters climbing and jumping off daft things.

Yup, just my kind of adventure! We swirled in eddies, had contests between the group of us, and ate edible seaweed. Delicious, delicious sea spaghetti. And then we jumped off crazy shit, which is great when you’re supposed to be falling off of it!


It was a little scary. But we did it!


We had to wear brightly colored shorts in case the Coast Guard had to identify a body. Whomp whomp.

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